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How it works

Data acquisition

  • We capture your historical billing data to establish energy usage trends and costs.
  • We also confirm your billing information is correct and that your account is verified.

Bill analysis

  • We optimize your tariffs and match your historical usage with the lowest rate available.
  • We compare your usage and cost to other similar businesses which help us create a savings plan tailored for you.
  • We also check for billing errors and predict future changes.

Monthly observations

  • We create a custom report of your energy usage and offer you recommendations, trends and observations for your site.
Start saving now!

We reduce your energy costs and protect your profits

Tariff alert

Ensure you are always paying the lowest rates. Using our state-of-the-art software matrix, Power Alert generates and compares pricing for each market tariff.

Bill breakdown

Take the pain out of interpreting your energy bills, Power Alert offers an easy to read breakdown of your bill where hidden and unknown charges are made clear.

Monthly observations

Say no to costly errors! We’ll review a copy of your bill each month and alert you to sudden changes in cost or consumption.

Historic trends analysis

A clear breakdown of your historic consumption and costs. A must-have for energy initiatives such as equipment upgrades and when going to market in search of better, long-term rates.

Savings plan

We recommend the best method to capture savings for your site. All savings stay with you - No hidden fees! Power Alert is revolutionising the industry by serving and giving back to the people rather than the corporations.

Ongoing support

Whether you have a question or need advice, Power Alert is here to help at no extra cost via email, phone or text.

Why should I care?


Take back control of your energy costs

Energy companies make millions of dollars from people not understanding their energy bills and costs. It's your responsibility to ensure you are not overpaying. Leave it to the experts and reduce your costs today.


Your time is precious

At Power Alert, we believe your time should be focus on your core expertise while having experts supporting you in certains areas. You wouldn't risk not getting legal advices before attending court, why would you risk paying your power bills without support.

Why Power Alert?


Small group of dedicated professionals

We are working towards the most cost effective way to understand and reduce one of your most expensive overheads, electricity. With your subscription, Power Alert will provide you with monthly reports that are simple and easy to understand, giving you control and the ability to save money.


Quickly react to the changes

Energy industry is constantly changing and requires ongoing management. We help you & your business make the next right choices. Small changes in the right direction means big savings long term.

Start saving now!

Start saving today!

Our experts measure and manage your energy costs so you never pay too much again; with customers capturing significant and meaningful savings in the first 4 months!

Call to capture savings +61 7 4033 0777 or email us directly at: team@poweralert.com.au

Our promise


Our promise to you as a valued customer is to ensure you capture and maintain the lowest energy tariff rates possible. We will always bring this to your attention and assist in capturing savings where ever possible. Our pledge is that if we do not succeed in finding the lowest rates we will provide a full refund of our services for the period of being on the incorrect rates! You can’t ask for better than that.


While Power Alert will do everything possible to capture tariff savings based on data available from the energy retailers and network providers, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this or any third party information and therefore cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred including financial or otherwise, due to the data provided from a third party. We will support you where possible to ensure your rights are maintained in the event of any dispute with the energy retailer.